Dead of accident of especially big traffic adds Hubei crane peak to 16 people
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Xinhua net Wuhan on Feburary 8 report (reporter Tian Jianjun) the accident of especially big traffic that Hubei saves churchyard of crane peak county 7 days to happen dies at present the number already rose for 16 people, additionally 16 people get hurt, among them 6 people still have life risk.

7 days 11 when make 40 minutes, tian Shuang of blessing of steam of a north discharges a car route favour to apply autonomous prefecture of Miao Zu of the Tujia nationality when road of crane of mulberry of countryside of peace and tranquility of crane peak county, accident of sudden to turn over. According to preliminary check, date of this car vehicle is Q62790 ” of “ another name for Hubei province, the nucleus holds 5 people.

8 days 9 when the left and right sides, saving safe production to supervise Liu Xiangdong of management board deputy director general to tell a reporter in the Hubei of the spot, the basis is checked further, at present accident death number rises for 16 people, 16 people are injured. When the accident, accident car fact holds 32 people.

Liu Xiangdong says, current, the person that hurt is in the local hospital such as hospital of countryside of hospital of center of crane peak county, peace and tranquility to undertake rescue, among them 6 people are sick into death.

Branch of public security of crane peak county introduces, accident car driver is called Li Zhimin, 5 water press down county of Hunan mulberry establish villager of 5 water village. When the accident, he sails small freight car of cropland of boreal steam blessing arrives oneself countryside of peace and tranquility of crane peak county receives kin return, because wet road slips, visibility is low, van turns over many meters below 80 cliff. Li Zhimin dies on the spot.

After accident happening, local government started lash-up quickly beforehand case drive go to the spot to rescue them to work with processing deal with problems arising from an accident.

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