Lotus of the show that pass Lv announces to participate inside this week
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Taiwan medium reports, lv Xiulian was visited to Keelung ginseng yesterday, peach garden place is rife however, on March 3 eve of festival of lanterns, lv Xiulian may announce to participate a president.

Medium report, festival of lanterns of Lv beautiful lotus already was in oneself birthplace peach garden arranges the route, it is likely south Lu Zhu 崁 10 thousand circle in the air when dining-room and local personage meet, announce to attend within the party presidential primary election.

Lv Xiulian mothered in Keelung yesterday when cloud temple ginseng is visited, large quantities of media reporters round her, ask when she announces to participate a president, lv Xiulian says “ predestined relationship did not arrive ” , now is politics does not talk during spending the New Year. The reporter examines minutely again, lv Xiulian casts “ of a word is big only not with ” of take by strategy, leave everybody to guess.

But announce to participate presidential after in continue of king of day of Democratic Progressive Party, lotus of love of peach garden “ holds out Lv ” personage quite nervous, afraid Lv Xiulian does not have a movement again, be afraid lean close to of watermelon of meeting generation “ is big edge ” effect, personage of local green battalion wants to pullback at the appointed time the organization arouses, may have not enough time.

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