Iron wire builds roost " cause fire " high tension line
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This morning, on smoke black district one builds the magpie shelter on lever of high tension line abrupt get angry, the citizen calls the police rapidly, hear the news coming fireman and power supply emergency squad cut off the power to avoid accident, drop magpie nest disclose with wood pole hastily. According to speculation, because build the iron wire that magpie mew uses to build what cause on the high tension line,on fire is. This morning, be located in namely on the lever of one high tension line on black district of smoke of Chinese ink urban district, appear suddenly scintilla, the introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad gentleman that lives around tells a reporter, he clears away a thing in the shop when, hear suddenly to give out the bang in “ Pi the noise of ” , he goes out to look, it is the electrical wiring on lever of high tension line formerly in fume, often still hit a few bolide, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad gentleman approachs to look, fire is appear from magpie nest come, then, he dials a phone to call the police rapidly. The reporter hears the news when hurrying to the spot, see, the high tension line of get angry has 10 kilovolt, two fire engine and car of rush to deal with an emergency of a power supply parked below, a staff member is climbed on telegraph pole, hold grow long club, a roost that going up in disclose high tension line, as club brandish, often “ branch ” drops the ground. The personnel of a rush to repair of power supply company tells a reporter, the magpie mew on telegraph pole is to use the conductor such as iron wire to be built completely, the likelihood is today blow, a few iron wire are blown to be on the high tension line, cause ” of get angry of electrical wiring “ . The reporter approachs to look, ” of branch of so called “ is about 10 centimeters long iron wire more very, still be aluminous silk a little. According to the analysis, the likelihood is magpie regards iron wire as by accident spray. Spot staff member estimates, the iron wire that builds this roost has 5 jins to weigh about. Director Zhou that place runs south town of company of power supply of Chinese ink city namely tells a reporter, at present is worth spring, a lot of birds begin to build ” of “ bridal chamber in this moment. Because cannot be found in the city,cultivated greatly, then, like to build the shelter the lofty iron tower that is in in telegraph pole and hollowness to go up in succession in the bird of the incubate on lofty tree. According to not complete count, only namely on the electric power telegraph pole of Chinese ink city and iron tower, bird's nest amounts to 100. A few bird's nest use branch, cogongrass to wait build, those bird's nest that build with the electric article such as iron wire encounter wet weather of fresh gale, rain, can cause electrical wiring short circuit to cause an accident thereby. According to introducing, annual power supply branch causes an accident to prevent to build the roost on telegraph pole, should remove many roost, power supply branch returns the iron tower around the city zone to wait above, built many “ roost ” with the material such as block, send bird to become Home “ new
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