"Glass sells when diamond " incident
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Regard as in “ glass after diamond sells ” incident exposure, harbor government office and travel industry are the “ of Hong Kong figure that already was damaged to fill with all one's strength Huo ” , but reckon in “ ” of 51 golden weeks will have one to cancel the travel that go to harbor into mainland passenger.

CCTV " economy half hours " Hong Kong of column purpose “ shops, dark after burying fraud ” press to broadcast, harbor government office takes seriously very much, many branches hit out separately, and in couplet does vice director Li Gang to also hope concerned branch absorbs experience seriously, improve a service.

Urgent flying Beijing discusses the way to deal with a situation

Think tourist guide of experience thing harbor is violated compasses

In He Baiting of chairman of parliament of Hong Kong tourism and Dong Yao of total a secretary in charge of sth, urgent yesterday fly to Beijing and bureau of Chinese country tourism to discuss the way to deal with a situation, arrange CCTV follow-up incident, preliminary the Hong Kong tourist guide that thinks to be involved in incident is violated compasses.

Central stage reporter expresses, because receive the decision after the passenger is complained for many times to undertake special subject reports concerned,be, the “ that she admits to incident already destroyed Hong Kong shops heaven ” and figure of “ law ” .

Be in Hong Kong, custom assault ransacks yesterday the shop “ of two experience case reads extensively round-the-world ” and “ royalty are horological gem ” , check walks along partial condole to drop, reach investigation of a batch of files. Custom expresses, concern contact watch trademark holder, investigation whether somebody involves tort.

Horological gem controller emphasizes imperial family, this inn is not had sell faker, but admit at the same time, this inn is not the representative of concerned brand, just among them a point of sales.

Beauty of Zheng of commissioner of travel general affairs applies arrange manage Hong Kong to express in broadcasting station program, already sent a person to ask for example of kinds or types of goods to have identification to involved shop, consider to stand as soon as possible exemple, in showing ware to byelaw brings into “ shop to buckle cent to make ” . Zheng Mei applies say: “ government pays close attention to this thing very much, because we are in before already did a lot of works with each units with national tourism bureau, carry out sincere letter travel, we feel completely a negative news, can waste the kongfu before us. ”

Additional, hong Kong Consumer's Committee expresses, will analyse active byelaw, consideration requirement complete harbor is all jeweller's reachs the metal with actual headgear lapidary part, clear state go up in product and receipt, anticipation can be by this year submit a report.
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