Wang Jinping: Ma Ke can obtain punishment 10 years
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Phoenix protects the information that inspect a net, the legislative dean Wang Jinping of Taiwan yesterday with eat of high official of place of Taichun county town express when appraise, corruption is 7 years of above felonious, ma Yinjiu holds the post of the special fee issue inside to be belonged to again in 8 years of mayors make continuously, it is 10 years of above likely felonious; Choose law ” according to “ the 26th regulation, judicatory unit can put forward to be elected to appeal to invalidly according to this, kuomintang must face this problem gravely.

Wang Jinping arrives yesterday in the county visits basic level, villa of long Zhang Qingtang and appraise of local personage eat are discussed in Taichun county parliament midday, have stand appoint mark of Shen Zhihui, Yan Qing and Liu Quan faithful, Yang Qiongying, with the place civilian generation, in long wait for about a hundred person, banquet opens more than 10 desks.

According to the report, wang Jinping alludes actively when talking with Shen Zhihui the platoon black article of Kuomintang discusses the issue of special fee table with Ma Yinjiu. Wang Jinping expresses, choose law ” according to “ the 26th regulation, if presidential elect is sentenced capital punishment, life imprisonment or set term of imprisonment of 10 years of above, judicatory unit can mention to appeal to invalidly.

Face below stand appoint election, many currently holding the post of stand appoint proposal Wang Jinping, the Party Central Committee should cancel within the party primary election, pass through a place directly factional and harmonious; If want to hold within the party primary election should prep according to mechanism of Democratic Progressive Party, every has been held the position of stand appoint or currently hold the post ofstand appoint ability is registered quite participate. Wang Jinping expresses, he visits basic level this, the standing that basically is harmonious place appoint election, everything is chosen with getting the better of give priority to.

Wang Jinping arrives yesterday in county, Xin Zhu, Miao Li visits basic level, participate a president to be being denied then or do not wish release what is held; But the end of the year takes seriously to stand in the center of hope Kuomintang appoint election, single out party chairman to quicken integrated deploy to stand as soon as possible appoint person selected, extensive is blue had gained half seat advantage, establish naturally the president was gotten the better of 2008 pick a base.

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