Guangdong saves wholesome hall to go to Jie Yang to investigate hematic slave vi
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Working group of Guangdong wholesome office is garrisoned Jie Yang one blood head is captured 5 blood slave is controlled

Deputy office grows Liao Xinbo to take team investigation to pick the case that offer blood illegally, the city that uncover this world spreads out severe make the move, rented house of check of the same night

Report of times Shan head (Lin Hong of reporter Lin Mingsheng) the press conference that the reporter holds from office of news of government of people of Jie Yang city yesterday learns, information times on April 4 " slave of blood of hematic head control is taken ban medicine to urge blood to sell Qian Yue to enter amount to number " the height that press causes Jie Yang municipal Party committee, municipal government takes seriously. Chen Hong of 10 thousand Qing Liang, mayors makes the same score secretary of the municipal Party committee that uncover this world to call together the concerned department leader such as city sanitation, public security, conduct propaganda quickly to attend the meeting, thorough research deals with plan, requirement severity hits ” of “ blood head, depend on lawfully compasses undertake handling, farther standard collects the behavior that offer blood.

Secretary of the municipal Party committee that uncover this world the Ministry of Public Security of the 10 thousand directives that celebrate fine the door intervenes investigate, city health bureau instantly the circumstance that check reports blood to stand, ask to adopt “ the measure of 3 determined ” : The first, should make a thorough investigation of stoutly incident truth, the 2nd, want to blow hematic head lawfully stoutly; The 3rd, should fulfil stoutly rectify and reform measure. Old great makes the same score the mayor to also make an instruction: “ blood head is guilty person, want to give blow stoutly. ”

The city that uncover this world already established blow to collect the job that offer blood illegally to head a group, set case investigation group (group of case of blow blood head) , collect board of inquiry of the case that offer blood, blood management to rectify and reform coordinate 4 groups such as the group group, integratedly, make the same score a group leader by Chen Hong, city is straight 8 branches are member unit.

Late on April 4, public security bureau of the city that uncover this world, east a mountainous area substation and police station of area under administration policemen of many 100 public security is decisive hit out, reach relevant shelter feature to begin carpet type check to each rented house deep, already seized “ blood head at present ”1 name, control sells hematic personnel 5. In the meantime, uncovered formulate of health bureau of in relief city " the standard donates blood mobile work program " .
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