Guangdong saves wholesome hall to go to Jie Yang to investigate hematic slave vi
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It is normal to be supplied to ensure medical treatment uses blood, arouse social all circles donates blood actively. Uncover decision of open municipal Party committee, municipal government, from city a few team lead a member to be made, be the first free donates blood, cadre of requirement city straight office also should be the first donate blood. 4 days afternoon, each unit of each district of urgent announcement requirement does city health bureau good free donates blood the job, 5 days morning, medical personnel of city straight unit in all 100 much people undertake to central station free donates blood, donate blood the quantity amounts to 20 thousand much milliliter, it is normal to ensure blood of unit of whole town medical treatment is supplied.

It is reported, before dawn zero hour is controlled 12 minutes yesterday, with Liao Xinbo deputy office grows the province sanitation hall that is a group leader to uncover working party of in relief blood to arrive at Jie Yang. The city that uncover this world cooperates them actively to begin investigation work about the branch, and the same night holds report informal discussion. In the morning 8 when 30 minutes, province working group is thorough to Jie Yang downtown blood stand aside exhibits investigation to work.

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