Wen Jiabao accepts Korea media to interview: Domanial problem is not had between
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Undertaking visitting eve formally to Korea, wen Jiabao of premier of Chinese the State Council is in 5 days in when cabinet of Nanhai violet light accepts Korea news media to be stationed in Beijing reporter to be interviewed jointly, point out, the friendly society that the Sino-South Korean is having several chiliad history, this is the advantage that two countries concern grows. Between the Sino-South Korean nonexistent domanial issue, this is the serious politics base that two countries concern expands.

Have reporter query: The issue that issue of Gao Gouli history concerns in Han is ceaseless. China Gao Gouli history etc bring into Chinese history. I think this meeting becomes the obstacle with the friendly two countries in Han. Because grow Korea of white hill problem,delicate intense concern generated between person and Chinese recently especially. Ask a premier to talk about the view to this problem.

Afore-mentioned expression is made when Wen Jiabao replies. He points out, to nation, territory the research of changes history, should act on learning and political departure, reality and the principle with apart history, treat correctly, appropriate processing, do not affect two countries to concern.

Wen Jiabao says, go Korea visit is I expect long already business. My general is being taken friendship goes with collaboration. He expresses, the kind greeting that wishs to pass Korea media to convey China people to Korea people and good wish.

Should Korea president Lu Wuxuan and Japanese premier An Beijin 3 invite, wen Jiabao will come 13 days have official visit to afore-mentioned two countries on April 10. Premier of Home Wen treasure is visited this is when lie between 7 years to come to China the premier visits Korea and Japan formally first. 2005, chairman Hu Jintao ever had state visit to Korea.

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