Zhejiang lukewarm city plans to build civilian battalion bank
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Lukewarm city of China News Service on April 5 report (reporter Zhu Xiao ends) be in what just come on stage " “ of economic system reform of Wen Zhou city 915 ” plan " in, lukewarm state municipal government puts forward clearly, shine ” of “ Wen Zhou two words, establish “ Wen Zhou bank ” , make “ Wen Zhou board piece ” , in order to accelerate the development of local capital market, this one program causes the outside to pay close attention to extensively.

Since Chinese reforming and opening, the great progress of economy of Wenzhou civilian battalion suffers the outside to pay close attention to fully all the time, current, civilian battalion economy is occupied in this city GDP than be in 80% above. Unquestionable is, economy of Wenzhou civilian battalion from inchoative to finish original capital to accumulate healthy progress, go all the way, if shadow photograph is followed, is here civilian finance.

Civilian banking activity of Wen Zhou, by be badly in need of consumer initiating build meeting, call together initiate of a certain number of relatives and friends, procuration capital is consumed first, be in after that a few months or several years, return money by turns in turn, and the accrual of consign a few.

When policy allows to expand civilian battalion business, this kind of folk that establishs for consumption raises fund mobile nature becomes what the company grows to raise fund activity. Current, the form of the financing between Wen Zhoumin more hasten diversification. Activity of financing of this kind of folk, the biggest distinction of it and share-holding system or state-owned commercial bank depends on, folk is leasehold it is not to have guaranty leasehold, depend on the individual's credence completely. Current, leasehold activity is having this kind of does not have guaranty folk that is based on individual credence all the time, propping up here the development of medium and small businesses expands, also propping up common people individual cast financing activity, fry a room for instance. According to estimation of the personage inside course of study, use at the leasehold capital between Wen Zhoumin not under -1295421440 yuan of RMBs.

The personage inside course of study thinks, the lukewarm state bank that the program establishs should more deflection at civilian battalion property. When Chinese capital market, banking opens to the outside world stage by stage today, establish the lukewarm state bank of civilian battalion property, developing to Wen Zhou's economy undoubtedly is very advantageous.

Establishing lukewarm state bank while, lukewarm state city is striven for actively still establish community bank pilot, introduce foreign capital bank actively. In the meantime, drive strive for business much medium of communication to appear on the market, make go out to give priority to the “ Wen Zhou with body, bright characteristic with civilian battalion enterprise board piece ” .
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