Conference of expert of problem of cropland of Sino-Japanese oil gas will be in
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In new network report is joint on April 6 company information, assistant secretary of Japanese foreign affairs is shallow wild get the better of a person 5 days to divulge, sino-Japanese negotiation technologist meets the “ of problem of cropland of oil gas of concerned the East China Sea ” will be in Beijing in the morning at 6 daysClick examine Beijing and more city weather forecastHold.

Both sides is in afterwards last week after Tokyo holds director class to consult, the problem such as the volume of bury of oil gas cropland that two countries expert is boosting development to China spreads out discuss, in order to urge the negotiation between both sides. The report says, the chief that Japan will send office of resource the sources of energy attend, china develops those who reform committee to be attended about personnel by the country.

In addition, shallow wild the central topic for discussion that the head such as communication of sports of the ” of dialog of economy of “ Sino-Japanese high level that still attends by minister of two countries economy with respect to the setting, environment and energy problem, culture talks made a specification.

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