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Chinese scholar appeals
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When the main difficult point that rises way in economy of discussion China change, beijing counts a scholar to point to spearhead consistently yesterday the active mechanism that creates twist of domestic element price. A few scholars are alluded, most need painful those who be determined to undertake reform is Chinese government.

Chen Qingtai of vice-president of foundation of research of development of vice director of Economic Commission of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China was in “ China to develop high-level forum to was met 2007 yesterday when making a speech on ” , say, the interpose in a subtle way of governmental deepness watchs economic domain, weakened the function that superintends to the market and environment, at the same time screwy market signal, misdirect enterprise.

But, in the tremendous and short-term cost that faces change to grow means place to need to pay, and when the resource that weakens oneself configures the choice of authority, the government is immersed in place of be in a dilemma again, internal resistance arises spontaneously.

When the 3 catastrophe that grow way in analytic China change are nodded, chen Qingtai points out above all, start in Chinese economy level, the price of low essential factor that governmental institute takes, small tax policy is in all the time continuance, cause current natural resources to depend on model development environment.

China wants change economy to grow way now, pay enormous short-term price with respect to need, affect economy to increase rate inside period of time even. So since period of time, the government passes decision, document on one hand, build managing model society, implementation develops scientificly to issue strong signal ceaselessly. But on the other hand, government apt maintains rapidder economic growth, in order to alleviate the contradiction of the near future.

He says, the government is superintended to the control of price element and laxer element, the political signal that causes a government cannot fill minute of ground change to execute the law for price signal and more strict environment, become change China economy to increase the economic driving force of means.

He says, “ government is in keep short-term economy grows and raise economy to increase quality both between, facing hard choice. ”

In fact, twist of price of concerned China resource affects the criticism that economic health develops, chinese academia personage already was given out not merely one. Element has the say economist Wu Jinglian of ” of field of “ Wu Fu to appeal for many times, should build ” of “ limited government, restrict various government to configure the power with resource and interpose microcosmic and decision-making enterprise, by element itself rare spend and be short of is not the price that will decide element by the government.
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