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Ensure economic balance grows
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Chinese people bank decides, RMB of tone finance orgnaization goes up to put loan since today oneself standard interest rate.

According to introducing, financial orgnaization a year period deposit moves 0.27 percent on standard interest rate, raise 2.79 % by active 2.52 % ; A year period loan moves 0.27 percent on standard interest rate, raise 6.39 % by active 6.12 % ; Other each class puts loan standard interest rate also is adjusted accordingly.

This is Chinese Central Bank is in since 2007 go up twice continuously after tone deposit reserve is led, go up first tone bank is fiducial interest rate.

Chinese Central Bank expresses yesterday, go up this RMB of tone finance orgnaization puts loan standard interest rate, be helpful for leading the reasonable growth of monetary credit and investment; Be helpful for safeguarding price total level to be stabilized basically; Be helpful for financial system dovish move; Be helpful for economic balance growth and structure optimizing, stimulative countryman economy good develop quickly again.

From two meetings place where troops are stationed returns the home in before long Qin Chi river accepts learned man of delegate of countrywide National People's Congress, finance when reporter of Xinhua News Agency visits, say: “ Central Bank announces to add breath, its policy intention should ensure economic balance grows namely. ”

River of pool of the Qin Dynasty says: Liquidity of “ current bank is excess the problem highlights existence, affect each levels of economy, the monetary policy that all coming on stage must want to ensure around ‘ economic balance grows ’ this target will undertake. ”

He thinks, , the likelihood is moved to produce an effect to market of the stock market, national debt on bank interest rate, but rate won't be too old. Nevertheless, the bank adds breath hind to attract idle fund easily also to enter churchyard angle benefit to need income. He suggests, want liquidity of keep within limits currently superfluous, prevent investment to rebound wait for a problem, the most essential is to should optimize economic structure, besides monetary policy, want what increase finance revenue policy at the same time to cooperate.

Asian Development Bank is stationed in Chinese delegate to be in chief economist Shang Min to also think, add ceasing is the strong signal that the Central Bank issues, sex of the look up before measure of Central Bank policy has, the watch understands the Central Bank to go tall to take the concern of situation with economic overheat to prospective inflation rate.

Shang Min expresses, a year period put loan 0.27 percent are moved on standard interest rate, just small are adjusted, it is the signal of a policy that the Central Bank issues, do not mean the end of adjusting control policy.
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