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"Go-between changes bride "
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2008 presidential election, kuomintang is big old people of one mind thinks gather becomes Ma Yinjiu and Wang Jinping ” of this “ marriage, expect Yue Qiao jumps over chaos, the Wu Baixiong of pull wires of be placed in the middle does not know how, still change from “ go-between bridal ” , offend come a suit the smell of mutton.

According to Taiwan media coverage, wang Ma nobody agrees to become assistant, recall even fight one solution to cover program then: Elect party chairman by Wang Jinping, wang Zhi holds Ma Yinjiu to elect a president. Wu Baixiong can take the place of even battle hope he conveys message to Wang Jinping, but not only not to king convey connected meaning, the each other of “ horse king that offers oneself to imagine instead invites partner program ” , requirement king is accepted. Finally, wu Hai personally go into battle, announce oneself participate party chairman.

Is the Kuomintang of type of big gate of an old-style big house municipal does “ chaos pass 7 nations ” ? To this sport that Wu Baixiong takes additionally, joining battle is to be enraged for a time allegedly do not consider a speech, and hold out king clique also threaten “ nots hesitate oneself road ” . Nevertheless, wu Baixiong's version is however: Did not say even war to want Wang Jinping to elect a chairman with him, what to just want him to ask king “ wants after all? ”

Penetralia politics lane gives Luo Sheng door, tear of Wu Baixiong “ fell down quickly ” . After be being suspected to have self, he is enraged so that put a word through office director, ask everybody confrontations to say the word clear face to face, express under the counter, “ if Wang Yuan meaning will become a chairman, help Ma Xuan's president, I am OK the disburden on the horse! ”

The power of hearsay compares strong, additionally the view shows Wu Baixiong was not communicated want even fight Wang Jinping to participate party chairman, it is to think rich is become actually the second, after waiting for “ Ma Wang to match ” broken bureau, ma Wu of facilitating “ of take advantage of an opportunity matchs ” . To this, he chokes with sobs response: If “ made this kind of choice, family person can leave me and go. ”

The Wu Baixiong of photograph of one face kind is forced with weighing oath comes rescue sb from a siege, let the cruelty that the person feels to court authority is fought really. This political field old-timer ever said to the son that take up a political career, “ cannot call hot ” into the kitchen, and he himself is walking officialdom 39 years, know this kitchen to have much heat already.

According to Taiwan " associated evening paper " report, equestrian kingliness contends for this one act, wu Baixiong and Song Chuyu are early pass with respect to costar before 13 years. At that time, wu Baixiong is placing high the will of the people and basic level actual strength, threaten of heroic spirit lofty or bottomless: Although the area under administration that “ Taiwan saves differentiates to remain Alisan, I also want to enter into an election contest. ” does not pass, for political interest, he is returned finally is concede, help sb to fulfill his wishes Song Chuyu becomes Taiwan governor. This is self-effacing style is on the political field develop a school of one's own, just, so retreat, he also keeps on retreating from now on.
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