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Philippine 2 hold a gun man disaster school bus
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Philippine police says today, 2 hold a gun the bus that the man hijacked to carry 32 students and 2 teachers in Manila that day, police will be surrounded by disaster bus around Manila city hall.

According to Philippine media coverage, hold a gun the man contains two guns and two grenade, the student on the car and teacher were not harmed.

The message says, the student that is hijacked and teacher come from Manila “ to connect ”(Tondo) slummy a child-care centre, the motive of the person that hijack a bus is to ask the government is solved actually include by the hijacker inside “ is connected the educational issue of 145 children in ” child-care centre.

Among them one holds a gun the man had accepted a TV station interview, the safeguard that if the children in slummy child-care centre can get is brought up can attending a college,expresses, he can surrender to police.

Manila police still discloses, the hijacker ever had participated in staking activity before this, the police is having negotiation with them.

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