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Intel Dalian leaves build round plant of brilliant of Asian head home
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The Intel company announced in Beijing on March 26, 2.5 billion dollar will invest to build to produce 300 millimeter in Dalian city (about 12 inches) the factory of brilliant circle. Come for this project designedly China Intel company president holds Ou Dening of · of presiding apparitor Paul concurrently to say, this is Intel delivers the round plant of the first brilliant that build in the Asia, also be Intel is in factory of brand-new circle of place build brilliant 15 years for the first time.

Dalian builds mill project to make Intel is in China the amount of investment already reached 3.8 billion dollar, make Intel was become be in one of companies crossing a state with Chinese the biggest investment.

Introduce on the press conference according to Paul · Ou Dening, american government allows Intel to introduced the circle of 300 millimeter brilliant of 90 accept rice to manufacture technology to China 2009, and hopeful is returned to approve Intel to introduce more advanced production technology to China in succession after 2010. Ou Dening says, once American government is right,the control that the high-tech product such as chip exports appears become loose, the manufacturing technology of Dalian factory can upgrade.

Of course, american government abandons control not completely also truly, the construction that Intel announces plans to show, dalian factory will this year the end of the year begins construction formally, but should arrive to just can throw production first half of the year 2010, although at the appointed time its can use technology of 90 accept rice, but with Intel other 7 plants phase is compared, still should lag behind however many. Because of the plan that releases according to the Intel before this, 2010, its main brilliant round plant will use technology of 45 accept rice in the round, and begin 30 accept rice try produce the job. Nevertheless even so, intel is in Dalian be about to the brilliant round factory of build still has active sense to semiconductor industry of China, its will make China forms complete IT industry chain, the core position that industry of establish China PC is in Asia-Pacific area.

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