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Henan has " horizontal knife deprives love network "
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Henan Zhengzhou appeared a few days ago additional kind “ horizontal knife seizes ” love a net, allege the ” of “ a third party that can give an issue for feeling offers horizontal knife to seize love plan.

According to " Henan business signs up for " report, click a website, home page upper part appears hand of black shadow of one person entity takes dagger picture, horizontal knife of “ of big character of 5 blood red is on the side ” of the net that seize love.

Design lower part, the husband ” that sets “ horizontal knife to seize love of ” of path of wolf of affection of ” of Ji love secret, “ , “ to need the ” that reduce ability, “ deprives a person respectively, “ deprives a person wife the edition such as ” piece, and “ horizontal knife is about to seize a third party of love ” , “ how to become a full member the article such as ” is full of among them.

Website introduction, “ appears when your affection world a third party, your sweetheart loves another person, the person that you love is apathetic to you when waiting problem of and so on a moment to perplex, our concoctive Shi Huigen occupies actual condition, for your act according to actual circumstances, to you a the most satisfactory horizontal knife seizes love plan, let you cast off affection dispute, recapture the happiness that belongs to you. ”

The website offers two kinds of alternatives: It is to register become a member, send a message to give stationmaster the plan through member center; 2 it is to be engineered face-to-face.

According to difficult easy degree, website collection RMB tens of yuan differ to 500 yuan charge.

Website controller expresses, this net belongs to Zhengzhou a figure engineers a company, company division falls to still a psychology seeks advice from a net, have powerful expert team, be in charge of those who engineer horizontal knife to seize love is affection expert and ” of “ psychology hacker. He says, ” of “ psychology hacker should see party picture only, can have an insight into according to the face posture feature of the other side psychology, the palm dominates action.

The website returns horizontal knife of hang out “ to seize love morality regulation horizontal knife of the ” of a few notes that horizontal knife of ” , “ seizes love, “ seizes the article such as ” of love method regulation, listed “ originally very happy, tie-in, have heavy responsibility, already ” of the child, interdependent, those who have the same illness sympathize with each other, special combination waits a few kinds of families a moment to be not destroyed.
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