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Wang Youceng bails without reason of hearing of witnesses adjourns
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In wide news news, force bully draws out empty table advocate the 4th hearing that disrelishs Wang Youceng to be in American California, namely outside the alleged bail hearing of witnesses that pass, adjourn because of unidentified reason today, bamboo of California emperor shellfish detains emigrant court of the center, reason of the specification outside rejecting to be opposite and next time sessional time.

Because Long Gang of lawyer of foreign citizen of Chinese origin ended the Ceng Gong after the hearing the 3rd times to leave on March 28,express, will hold a hearing the 4th times 8:30 a.m. on April 4, and emphasize the bail hearing of witnesses that is Wang Youceng. Accordingly, come from the China article media of China government office, new York and California, early in the morning stands waiting to go up in the driveway outside detaining central iron gate, await lawyer group to appear.

Time one second goes, after passing at 9 o'clock, long the media that await begins to feel the thing has odd, connect subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy with all possible means with the mobile phone in succession, the office outside discovering Milan still leaves Mack of beautiful book lawyer in 30 miles actually moderates, and lawyer of foreign citizen of Chinese origin apricot of message of tone of Long Gang criterion like that.

The judicatory that works according to be familiar with immigration laws front courtyard encircles a personage to conclude, probable be immigrant of delegate United States and custom control bureau accuse square lawyer to refuse to obey judge earlier ruling, arrange a:appellant data in order to need time for, ask to bail hearing of witnesses is held after the judge is delayed.

According to regulation of American immigration laws, represent a government accuse to just retain appeal counterpoises, can put forward to appeal with respect to the judge's ruling inside 30 days, otherwise after 30 days, the accused Wang Youceng “ automatic ” recovery is free.

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