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Kuomintang stands appoint Qiu Yi general at formal on April 9 serve a sentence
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According to Taiwan media coverage, because hit arrange of Kaohsiung ground check, be established by the Kuomintang that the court sentences a year of two months term of imprisonment appoint Qiu Yi, already received inspect notice yesterday, will enter prison serve a sentence formally in the morning on April 9.

According to the report, qiu Yi expresses, already received the executive order of arrange of Kaohsiung ground check 4 days midday, after holiday passes, tomb-sweeping day gets prison serve a sentence namely continuously, face prison life.

Qiu Yi points out, after receiving report, have time of 15 days in all, whether should the decision mention appeal, accordingly, general hair inspect is carried out after be in 15 days when receive report, do not have more say to be carried out 2 times to make by cancel of tall branch department, still act wilfully, he has be held very strongly to accuse by politics, the combat that be fought is smelly, by evil whole feeling.

Come suddenly to sending inspect to carry out, qiu Yi says, “ is fast resemble almost in those days 12 gold same ” of Yue Fei, be like the appearance that does not hasten me coop goes not be at ease. Kuomintang legislature political parties and other organizations also predicts to was Qiu Yi see sb off on April 8.

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