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Guangzhou funeral parlour pushs wasteful spending
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Carry remains fee is received inside Guangzhou city 570 yuan can amount to 1000 yuan even, do a funeral arrangement to want to spend several yuan. After clear a kind of green tea picked before Pure Brightness, the citizen oppugns industry of funeral and interment in succession is ” of the dead money is sent in “ . Yesterday, li Guoqing of director of service center of Guangzhou funeral and interment collects fees with respect to funeral and interment the problem holds reporter informal discussion, the bulletin carries cadaver expends business accounting standard, say because the family member asks to use high-grade car,tall freight is, nonexistent chaos collects fees behavior.

“ special service is to answer citizen requirement ”

Citizen: Prices branch standard receives carry remains is 120 yuan / , but the answer that asks about every time is 570 yuan / , still have taller, how much is the standard that receives carry remains after all?

Li Guoqing: 120 yuan / providing is basic collect fees, if you want to choose time, should take a car, collect fees the cost that special service increases on the foundation here, general 570 yuan can be done calm.

According to Introduction Li Guoqing, funeral parlour is annual carry back body 34000, among them 70 % pullback from the hospital, the traffic expense of this share remains is uniform 120 yuan / ; In addition, funeral parlour is annual the anonymous body of carry back has 2000 to provide the left and right sides, carry these bodies not only difficult collection a single cent or penny, still want to subsidize disinfection, anticorrosive cost constantly, center of funeral and interment should affix millions first.

Li Guoqing says, to difficult group, funeral parlour is met derate or free, such circumstance year all have 300 ~ 400. The remains that “ has 20 % about additionally comes back from citizen home lira, 570 yuan / provide collect fees appear together in this only. ” Li Guoqing says, from the carry cadaver system that follow came down 1958 and charge already incommensurate society develops, the citizen asks to carry now cadaver car vehicle besides good, punctual to, service actor. “ but 120 yuan low collect fees the desire that does not have a law to satisfy them, so center of funeral and interment rolled out special service and add collect fee, this accords with citizen apiration. ”

As we have learned, remains of special spot of “ of prices branch approve handled the collection level that expends ” 2004, the regulation is like a family member to put forward time, high-grade hearse, special to send only (special accepts fate a remains) , remains is cleaned, the special requirement such as disinfection of change clothes, spot, funeral parlour but collection 450 yuan / provided cost, increase on 120 yuan basic service cost, as it happens a collection 570 yuan.
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