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China suffered international dirty ashtray Award
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November 19, 2008 China suffered international "dirty ashtray" Award November 19, 2008, in the international tobacco control meeting to discuss warnings on tobacco packaging, the implementation of the guidelines, most countries are in favor of no changes to be passed, but the Chinese delegation, speaking on such a rotten image of the lung is difficult alerts The reason is: China's famous mountains and rivers cigarette accumulation of history and culture, put an ugly picture was "an insult to the general public and lack of respect" and therefore "Although the legal, health, China is not opposed, but the national based on emotional and cultural reservations. " It is those who speak from the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau. That night, China is a global NGO participants on behalf of the 200 awarded the "dirty ashtray" Award, "award term" is: "I would rather be beautiful cigarette case, not health of the citizens." China is the first award. During each meeting of the Framework Convention, NGO delegations who will be based on the collective performance of the day selected "Orchid Award" and "Dirty Ashtray Award," to praise or condemn the winner.