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"Golden Leaf Foundation" and "Ashtray Award" reflects the shame of ineffectiv
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November 10, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau China Women Development Foundation set up in Golden LEAF Foundation, and contributions to 10 million yuan to support the "Water Cellar for Mothers" and "mother health express" two public service projects. In this regard, the relevant people Intergovernmental organizations and expressed opposition to China CDC TCO Eighty per cent of Internet users said recognition. (November 15, "Beijing Times") Internet users may be gas for the diagram - where the tobacco industry from smokers make so much money, should "spit out" a little back to society, was recognized "Golden Leaf Fund", in fact, users may not know, This time charity donors with Italian deep. It will make use of the public donor psychology, play to address poverty in the western arid region west of drinking water problems and concerns of women and children's health cover, just scratch the soft spots of the public mind, who easily won Their goodwill and recognition. This is not exactly true. Donors would not know "the world's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control" (China is a party) in Article 13: Parties should be a comprehensive ban of all tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship (tobacco sponsorship definition includes "any form of Type of contribution "), the reason for" knowingly ", due to substitution of the donor of the main concepts: instead of by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau China Tobacco Corporation, said it is an administrative organ donation to the NGO. - Cis Say, the whole world except North Korea, only China has the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, but the wonderful thing the people know that they are both in fact is a set of two brands of men only, who did not come forward to donate what is different, it is always smoke Grass industry donations, material breach of the "Convention." This time the donation is unusual and, donors are not a tax trouble, but requires the establishment of the Chinese Women's Foundation "Golden LEAF Foundation." Since the establishment of the fund, said that donors on long-term contributions to the right, at any time with Land can be donated can be replaced with a nominal donation, people might say, is not that better? Wrong. Because this way, equal to the long-term donor given the right to make tobacco advertising, and the "Convention" expressly smoke Industry does not donate the right of the grass, but does not allow long term advertising. Especially with the "gold leaf" to the title more difficult to accept. With "gold leaf" so nice name to refer to tobacco, the tobacco contains the name the donors The "evil" - Everybody says that tobacco harmful, and we think it is biased in gold leaf, is a good thing, which will give women and young people how dangerous signal to pass it? Do not point out, right? According to statistics, China's 350 million smokers, each of which there is a 7 person is young, with the trend of younger age. Meanwhile, the proportion of women smokers is rising, statistics have shown that, in some art institutions, The proportion of female smokers has reached more than 10%. (May 31, 2004 CCTV "first time") According to November 6, 2010 disclosure of China News, China has 350 million smokers, 5.4 billion people by secondhand smoke. China About 1,500 young people of current smokers, smokers trying no less than 4,000 people. Thus, effects of tobacco control is highly undesirable. State Tobacco Monopoly Administration huge compared to the staff, the State Tobacco Control Office with only District 8 was prepared by staff, the difference between the original effects of tobacco control within reason. China "won" in 2008 in Durban, South Africa at the World Health Assembly issued the "ashtray Award" (not specifically awarded to a positive state of tobacco control) Deserved. In this case, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau had at the China Women Development Foundation set up a "Golden LEAF Foundation," and openly positive publicity for the tobacco sales to do, what is the motive? Many internationally recognized scientific surveys show that Tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco use can increase, especially in children and young people in the crowd. As a physical and mental health care for women and children for the purpose of the Women's Foundation, do not be hit pretty donors Confused by pretense, not a huge donation of 1,000 million just for the sake of gold, but rather to the Shanghai World Expo Bureau study, 20 receiving the joint letter written by experts, after the controversial end to accept tobacco industry contributions in 2 billion Eyes, clear-cut stand on the "Golden Leaf Fund" to say no, and the money returned to donors.