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Ring young girls swallow pain and confusion caused by
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12 afternoon, Whitehead Road in the urban areas within the rental, a young girl somehow swallowed a ring, because of pain call girl call 120 for help. As of press time, the girl belly ring out yet. At 14:00 on the 12th or so, Yuhuangding into the hospital emergency room a young girl. Girls, eyes closed, tapping the abdomen due to constant pain, a number of health care workers are at live. Check the girl's esophagus by the film, there are a ring. A medical emergency department admissions, told reporters in the afternoon they went to a rental Whitehead Road, this pain from time to time the girl is squatting by the door down, sanity has been less clear. "Is her own 120 emergency telephone call." Medical staff said it did not know where the girl's family. "Only know her name, light rain (sound), may home is in the field." Some people told us that they and the "rain" can only be considered knowledge, but do not know how to find her family. Hospital, Department of Gastroenterology of the Song Dafu told reporters, as the girl struggled to get too intense, and consciousness, temporarily unable to surgically remove the ring. At press time, the girl is still not clear awareness, treatment is ongoing.