What is OHSAS18000?
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What isOHSAS18000?

Professional safety sanitation runs a system

  ISORelease ISO 9000Quality management and quality make sure series standard is mixed IS014000Since standard of environmental management series, The upsurge of mark of be linked together and attestation was lifted in the whole world. But, the government that had systematize to quality and environment only still was not achieved make customer satisfaction, society satisfaction, employee satisfaction, organization possessory satisfactory perfect government state. An outstanding organization is everlasting to raising the pursuit of level of management. In recent years, build and carry out professional safety to sanitation runs a system and pass attestation, forming a new international trend to pound an organization. Quality management system, environmental management system and professional safety sanitation manage a system to individualize to have general character again already, 21The administrative trend of the century is in managing these 3 the system to use the day-to-day management that organizing at the same time, in order to achieve the synchronous implementation of benefit of economic benefits, society, environmental protection benefit.

What is risk of professional safety sanitation?

Well-known, in the working activity of people or working environment, always put in such potential in that way dangerous sources, may damage human body of environment of property, harm, influence is healthy, cause harm accident even. These dangerous sources have chemistry, of physics, of work efficiency of biologic, human body and other sort. People causes some or certain hazard what the possibility of the accident and the consequence that its may cause say to be a risk. The index such as size of limits of rate of usable hair opportunity of survival, harm, loss arrives the risk assess. The object that contemporary profession is safe wholesome managing is risk of professional safety sanitation.
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