What is PMBOK
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What isPMBOK

American project runs a societyPMIQualificatory attestation can be approbated quickly inside so vast industry and district limits, of the importance that is project management itself above all and practical decision, it is profit from greatly next the scientific sex of itself of this attestation system. PMIBe in early the intellectual system that end took the lead in offerring project management seventies (Project Management Body Of Knowledge, Abbreviation isPMBOK) .

This knowledge system is formedPMPThe foundation of the exam. Its the first edition is byPMIOrganized200Project of many world each country manages classics of expert all previous 4 years to just be finished, what project of world of collect of it may be said manages bound elite is big into, avoided the one-sided sex of character. And more scientific is every other several years, come from the project management elite at world each district to be able to be examined afresh newerPMBOKcontent, make it holds the most authoritative position from beginning to end.

As a result of from the scientific means that offers intellectual system to have one cycle to attestation of specific executive qualification, make consequently PMIThose who roll outPMBOKWas full of vigor, got be admissived extensively. International standard is organized (ISO) WithPMBOKBe frame formulate ISO10006Standard. In the meantimeISOThrough be oppositePMIOf qualificatory attestation system make an on-the-spot investigation, toPMIIssuedISO9001Quality runs systematic letter, make clearPMIDeveloping, safeguard, evaluate, promotion and managementPMP
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