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A. Basic idea

Compensation trade (Compensatlon Trade) say the product is sold back again, on the foundation that shows trading one party provides credit in the other side, import equipment technology, the product that produces with place of this equipment technology next, balance the cost that pays an entrance equipment technology and interest in installment.

Inchoate compensation trade basically is used at build large industry business. If Russia introduces value from Japan at that time the mining equipment of 860 million dollar, repay with 100 million tons of coal; Poland imports value from the United States the chemical equipment of 400 million dollar and technology, sell back with relevant industry product compensate for.

The diversification of compensation trade incline to of later period, not only have large whole set of equipment, also have small to medium sized project. 8O time, in the electron that Poland exports to the west and mechanical product, belong to what compensation trade sells back to occupy 40 % ~ 50 % .

Our country is in 80 time, ever used compensation trade means extensively to introduce device of foreign advanced technique, but scale is not large, it is small-sized project more, in recent years the foreign trader serves as direct investment to enter our country with equipment technology, reason compensation trade more hasten decreases. But, as the development of economy of meritorious service of our country city, compensation trade is using foreign capital, the advantage of stimulative sale respect nots allow to ignore.

B. The action of compensation trade

A. Compensation trade imports square action to equipment technology.

The enterprise adopts technique of compensation trade imported equipment, can solve its to lack capital to have the difficult problem of updating equipment and technical reformation, make the product is able to upgrade thereby replacement enhances market competition ability (include international market and home market) .

Equipment technology entrance just sells back the product, compensating for equipment technology cost while, also used equipment to export the sale channel that just is in abroad, make the product enters the foreign market, exit that will drive a product with importing equipment technology, the brings a ” in order to enter for “ method that say, it is contemporary medium or small the one big characteristic of compensation trade.
With the equipment technology that compensation trade means introduces, often not very advanced, it is secondhand even equipment. But if product can prospect of market of dawn of transportation and sale is good, equipment price is reasonable, increase product export to the developing country, enlarge opportunity of domestic obtain employment, raising region economy to develop a standard still is advantageous.
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