"Talent " which to go?
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21 centuries, most what is those who be short of, talent! That what is a talent? The talent has primary talented person, senior talented person, how to differentiate? Do heart and ability intelligence deny entirely different? The society feels bemused, unit of choose and employ persons is confused, the individual feels helpless. Old personal growth and lead troops the experience that runs a group, although I have some of experience, but I feel, ask each netizen to attend the following talent to discuss to be able to let a person think more more greatly, more benefit at more benefit at find a way out of draw on the wisdom of the masses.

Which did “ talent ” go?

A lot of graduate difficult obtain employment, where doesn't graduation finish know his job is in after all?

Are talents of a lot of enterprise suffer from begged hard? The staff member of branch of invite applications for a job resembles personnel of to apply for a job everyday same, drive in busy move, busy interview, unit of choose and employ persons is cost 1 million busy move grooms, but often get person money two sky. Our country undergraduate students, Master has unripe, doctoral student, every year millions of, according to " the dispatch when the youth " report: 2006 colleges graduate amounts to 4.13 million person, college graduate had 3.38 million person 2005, 2004 2.8 million person, annual amplitude is amounted to 20.7% . This number makes personage of a lot of obtain employment anxiety-ridden.

But " 2005 China talent reports " show: Predict to 2010 qualified personnel of our country professional technology supplies gross to be 40 million person, and demand gross is 60 million person, predict 2010, number of breach of secondary industry talent is the largest, will reach 12.2 million person. Demand of talent of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of a few high end is very big, for instance business affairs of service of banking of lawyer of accountant of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, simultaneous interpretation, electron, digital media, content shedding, psychology seeks advice etc, talent breach predicts to be in 3.25 million person. And China has hundred thousands of state-owned company, hundred thousands of foreign trader invests an enterprise, civilian battalion enterprise is to go up more the dimensions of ten million home, to the talent, no matter be personnel of technology of content shedding, mechanic, management, project,wait breach a moment tremendous, everyday informal the position measure that website of an invite applications for a job provides is possible on 10 thousand, and have everyday newer.
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