Means of international trade settle accounts (bill of exchange)
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International trade settle accounts, basically dispute cash settle accounts. Make in order to pays money to be a purpose and OK and current the creditor's rights proof that make over- - bill is main settle accounts tool. Each national capital had legislation to bill. Our country was passed on May 10, 1995 " standard of bill of People's Republic of China " , apply at rising on January 1, 1996. Bill can be divided for bill of exchange, cashier's cheque and check. Give priority to with using money order in international trade settle accounts.

The definition of bill of exchange

Bill of exchange (Bill Of Exchange, draft) remitter is signed and issue, entrust drawee to perhaps be in when seeing a bill appoint date termless the bill that pays certain amount to perhaps hold ticket person to chamberlain.

Define from above knowable, bill of exchange is a kind termless disbursement commission, have 3 party: Remitter, drawee and chamberlain.

The content of bill of exchange

According to regulation of doctrine of our country bill, bill of exchange must account is following item:

Make clear the model of written characters of " of " bill of exchange.
Termless disbursement commission. Should understand bill of exchange to go up cannot account payment.

Certain amount.
Drawee name. In international trade, it is an entrance normally square or its nominated bank.
Chamberlain name. In international trade, it is exit normally square or its nominated bank.

Give bill date.
Remitter signs an order. On bill of exchange not account regulates one of matter, bill of exchange is invalid. The bill of exchange in real business still needs to state pay date, pay to the ground is nodded and give ticket place. If was not stated, can confirm according to bill standard.

The sort of bill of exchange: Bill of exchange can divide the following kinds from different point of view:
Differ by remitter, can divide into bank draft and commercial bill of exchange. Bank draft (Bank's Draft) , remitter is a bank, drawee also is a bank. Commercial bill of exchange (Cornercial Draft) , remitter is enterprise or individual, drawee can be enterprise, individual or bank.
Press whether with the commercial bill that includes to carry a bill inside, can divide the ticket that it is light and bill of exchange following sheet. Smooth ticket (Clean Draft) , point to not accessary commerce

The bill of exchange of the receipt. Bank draft is smooth ticket more. Bill of exchange following sheet (Documentary Draft) , point to the bill of exchange with the commercial bill that includes to carry a bill inside. Bill of exchange following sheet is commercial bill of exchange more.
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