CIP freight and insurance premium Fu Zhi
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(…… appoints destination)
“ freight and insurance premium Fu Zhi (…… appoints destination) ” is the carrier delivery that shows the bargainor is appointed to its, but the bargainor still must pay to carry goods the freight to destination, i.e. buyer assumes all risks after the bargainor delivers the goods and premium. But, according to CIP term, the bargainor still must deal with buyer goods to destroy in carriage road break or the insurance of attaint risk.
Accordingly, conclude by the bargainor insurance contract pays insurance premium.
Buyer should notice, CIP term asks the bargainor casts the insurance risk that maintains lowermost limit only. If buyer needs higher insurance risk, need to come to an agreement explicitly with the bargainor, perhaps make additional insurance arrangement by oneself.
“ carrier ” shows anybody is in carriage contract, acceptance is carried through railroad, highway, airborne, marine, inland river or afore-mentioned carried combination kind are fulfilled carry or fulfill by other carry.
If still use the carrier that accepts fate to reach goods carry,agree destination, criterion the risk gives from goods the move when the first carrier.
CIP term asks the bargainor deals with exit Qing Dynasty to involve procedures.
This term applicably at all sorts of carriage means, include much style through traffic.
A bargainor is compulsory
B buyer is compulsory
A1 offers the goods that accords with contract provision
The bargainor must offer the goods that accords with sale contract provision and commercial bill or the electronic message that have coequal effect, and the contract may ask, those who prove goods accords with a contract to set is other any prooves.
B1 pays cost
Buyer must pay cost according to sale contract provision.
A2 licence, other license and formalities
The bargainor must take risk oneself and charge, obtain any export license or other government license, all customs procedures that deal with goods to export place to need when need deals with customs procedures.
B2 licence, other license and formalities
Buyer must take risk oneself and charge, obtain any import licence or other government license, deal with all custom that goods is imported and from him place of pass through the territory of a country wants the state when need deals with customs procedures formalities.
A3 carries contract and insurance contractA) carries a contract
Bargainor must must pay fee oneself, according to normally the condition concludes carriage contract, according to normally the course reachs habitual kind, carry goods the agreement to designation destination is nodded. Be like did not agree or also cannot define specific delivery point according to the convention, criterion the delivery site that the bargainor can select to suit its purpose most in designation destination. B) insurance contract
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