Deliver the goods after DDP pay taxes
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(…… appoints destination port)
The delivery after “ pay taxes (…… appoints destination) ” is to show the bargainor is in designation destination, deal with entrance Qing Dynasty to involve procedures, the tool will be carried to go up in delivery still undischarged goods is handed in with buyer, finish delivery. The bargainor must be assumed mix goods carry to all risks of designation destination charge, any “ tax that when including to deal with customs procedures in need, should pay in destination expend ” (the responsibility that includes conduction customs procedures and risk, and pay poundage, custom duty, imposition and other fee) .
The bargainor below EXW term assumes the least responsibility, and the bargainor below DDP term assumes the biggest responsibility.
Be like a bargainor cannot direct or indirect ground obtains import licence, should not use this term.
But, if just hope what to will want to pay everything fee when any entrances when the thing (like value added tax) eliminate from inside the bargainor's obligation, answer to mention expressly clearly in selling a contract.
If just hope when the thing buyer bears the risk of the entrance and cost, should use DDU term.
This term applies to all sorts of carriage means, but go up in destination port boat when goods or when ex wharf, should use DES or DEQ term.
A bargainor is compulsory
B buyer is compulsory
A1 offers the goods that accords with contract provision
The bargainor must provide the goods that accords with sale contract provision and commercial bill or the electronic information that have coequal effect, and the contract may ask, the other evidence that proves goods accords with a contract to set.
B1 pays cost
Buyer must pay cost according to sale contract provision.
A2 licence, other license and formalities
The bargainor must take risk oneself and charge, obtain any export license and import licence or other government permission or other document, deal with what from him place of pass through the territory of a country wants the state goods exit and entrance and everything when need deals with customs procedures customs procedures.
B2 licence, other license and formalities
Should bargainor requirement, mix by its burden risk charge, buyer must give a bargainor all hand, help bargainor obtains goods to import needs import licence or other government permission when need deals with sea formalities.
A3 carries contract and insurance contractA) carries a contract
The bargainor must pay charge to conclude oneself carriage contract, goods carry comes appoint destination. Like did not agree or also cannot define specific delivery point according to the convention, criterion the delivery site that the destination that the bargainor can be in selects to suit its purpose most. B) insurance contract
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