CIF cost, insurance premium adds freight
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(…… appoints destination port)
“ cost, insurance premium adds freight ” is to show when goods crosses side of a ship in port of shipment the bargainor finishs delivery namely. The bargainor must pay the freight that requires goods use to designation destination port place and fee, but any premium that the goods after delivery destroys because all sorts of incident are caused,the risk that break or damages is reached change the buying party by the bargainor namely. But, below CIF condition, the bargainor still must deal with buyer goods to destroy in carriage road break or the marine insurance of attaint risk. Accordingly, conclude by the bargainor insurance contract pays insurance premium. Buyer should notice, CIF term asks the bargainor casts the insurance risk that maintains lowermost limit only. If buyer needs higher insurance risk, need to come to an agreement explicitly with the bargainor, perhaps make additional insurance arrangement by oneself.
CIF term asks the bargainor deals with goods to export Qing Dynasty to involve procedures.
This term is applied to only marine carry with inland river. If just cross side of a ship innocently when the thing,delivery should use CIP term.  
A bargainor is compulsory
B buyer is compulsory
A1 offers the goods that accords with contract provision
The bargainor must offer the goods that accords with sale contract provision and commercial bill or the electronic message that have coequal effect, and the contract may ask, those who prove goods accords with a contract to set is other any prooves.
B1 pays cost
Buyer must pay cost according to sale contract provision.
A2 licence, other license and formalities
The bargainor must take risk oneself and charge, obtain any export license or other government license, it is when procedures of need conduction customs, all custom procedure that place of goods of conduction goods export requires.
B2 licence, other license and formalities
Buyer must take risk oneself and charge, obtain any import licence or other government license, it is when procedures of need conduction customs, conduction goods entrance and from his country all customs procedures of pass through the territory of a country.
A3 carries contract and insurance contractA) carriage contract
The bargainor must pay fee oneself, according to normally the condition concludes carriage contract, by is customary course, use goods can indicate for carrying a contract normally the seagoing vessel of goods type (or the ship that suits inland river to carry according to the circumstance) ship to appointed destination port.
B) insurance contract
The bargainor must set according to the contract, pay charge to obtain goods insurance oneself, provide insurance policy or other insurance evidence to buyer, in order to make buyer or hold the post of how the person that he has insurance interest to goods has right direct to underwriter claim for compensation. Insurance contract should conclude with the underwriter with good reputation or insurance company, when having contrary and definite agreement, should according to " association goods clauses " (London underwriter association) or the lowermost insurance risk in other and similar provision is cast protect. Insurance period is restricted to answer to set according to B5 and B4. Should buyer requirement, and by buyer load fee, the bargainor should be added throw war, strike, commotion and mass uprising narrow pass, if if can be cast,be being protected. Lowermost insurance amount should include a contract to stipulate money paid for something purchased or received for something sold is added additionally 10% (namely 110% ) , should use contract money.
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