Articles for use of spare parts of car of the 9th international, automobile reac
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Date stops since: 2007-4-11 comes 2007-4-15 Periodic: 1 / year Issue date: 2006-11-14 Application ends: 2007-4-1 Country: China Province / city: Liaoning / Liaoning Showpiece address: Exhibition of industry of Shenyang · Liaoning Exhibit house title: Exhibition of industry of Shenyang · Liaoning
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One, car component exhibits an area
Automobile body system;
Brake system;
Launch a system;
Transmission system;
Turn to a system;
Chassis radical is hanged;
Cooling system;
Electric appearance;
Fuel system;
Other system.

2, automobile articles for use exhibits an area
The car uses chemical things with conserve things, lube, of all kinds car;
Car perfume;
Equipment of car image sound;
Automobile safety guard against theft;
Car electrical appliance reachs illume things;
Car navigation and form a complete set serve;
Chain of automobile articles for use joins in;
Vehicle maintenance and repair, rescuing chain serves;
The car uses film of explosion proof heat insolation;
The car uses pad of chair cushion, cushion for leaning on, foot;
Car vogue adornment, car cartoon adornment;
Car tire reachs hub;
Along with car accessory and tool.

3, the car detects maintenance equipment exhibits an area
Technology of vehicle maintenance and repair, tool reachs device
Maintain a car rise to be provided again rise, does gold of correctional, Ban add maintenance of fixed position balance, air conditioning, automobile body imprint is Mou Mu of サ of naevus of Gu of Yi of ⑿ of  of  of Gan of  of instep of パ of naevus of ⒙ of float of uncut jade of Qian of Jiao of border of collect of busy of  of シ of naevus of ⒙ of to fold of ぞ of ⑺ Hua aing concubine of an emperor? Lt;/P>
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