To selling commerce
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To selling commerce (Counter Trade) in our country interpret is each other of ” of “ retrorse commerce, “ to touch reciprocity of commerce ” , “ commerce ” , also someone calls it generally ” of big dicker of “ dicker ” or “ . We are general and OK include commerce of dicker, charge to an account, each other to buy to selling trade to be intelligibly, the product is counter-purchased, pass on commerce belong to goods business category, with pass in and out union, exit touchs filling entrance to be the floorboard of all sorts of trade pattern with the feature

Small commerce

(one) border land is small commerce is to show approval of classics of area of our country border has border land small the enterprise of trade right of administration, the trade activity between the enterprise of the port of terrestrial border land that appoints through the country and area of border land of adjoin neighbour home or other commerce orgnaization.

(2) small to the stage commerce is to point to classics treasury department, outside it is certain that the unit that approves via the branch such as trade department is engaged in waiting for an area to Taiwan the business of commerce of the small lot inside limits, much breed. According to outside total office of classics trade department, Ministry of finance, customs [word of stage of trade of the classics outside 1998] the regulation of the 158th article, every the number of voyages or flights every boat carries into what come from Taiwan product, carry gives mainland product to go directly directly Taiwan value is 50 thousand dollar (contain) the following. In be exported to the stage, because of,be like batch, lade, when the reason such as commodity has a few exceeding, custom but take into consideration the circumstances masters inside 20% extent relax appropriately.
Subtense area is small commerce and small to the stage commerce exports goods, every custom serves as declare at customs exit, accord with tax law to set drawback limits and procedures, after classics approval, can prep according to to be dealt with of general commerce about the regulation.


The notional   of barter barter is to point to the foundation in exchange goods to go up, equivalent export goods and import content combine the trade pattern that rise directly. The characteristic   of barter barter is more agile on effective way, for example: On delivery time, can entrance and exit clinch a deal at the same time, also can have after having first; In pay method to go up, usable collect now pay, also can carry account keep account, rush each other from account touch; Clinching a deal on the object, importing an object can be a person, and export target is another person that designates by entrance person is waited a moment. Barter is retreated (avoid) barter exit sells tax provision   basic on business accounting together at self-supporting exit. Just go up in foreign currency settle accounts, barter is mutual chalk it up commonly, do not receive foreign currency. To the exit drawback of barter, advocate if prep according to,the square deal with according to law of self-supporting exit drawback manages.
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